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Pool Kool Deck
Want an affordable, attractive pool deck that doesn’t scorch your feet? Kool Deck installation may be for you. Kool Deck is a trademarked brand that has covered millions of pool decks since the 1960s. If your concrete pool deck has seen better days or you’re installing a brand-new concrete pool deck, Kool Deck gives you a cool, beautiful surface.
Kool Deck is one of the most affordable ways to achieve a cool, non-slip pool deck, but make sure you choose experienced professionals. Kool Deck installation requires specific training & equipment for proper bonding. Our Phoenix Kool Deck contractors have years of experience installing and repairing this popular concrete topper.


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Kool Deck Installation

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Ideally, Kool Deck is applied to fresh concrete. Proper Kool Deck installation must be done by trained professionals for a long-lasting, bonded finish. Our Kool Deck contractors have plenty of experience installing Kool Deck in Phoenix with a focus on surface prep and protecting your property.
The key to long-lasting Kool Decking for pools is proper concrete preparation. Kool Deck uses a PTA bonding agent to bond to existing concrete. This agent only adheres to solid concrete surfaces. Oil, grime, paint, deteriorating concrete, grease, stains, and loose toppings will cause the bonding agent to fail.
If you have an existing concrete pool deck, a different installation method must be used. Before Kool Deck paint can be applied, all foreign materials must be removed from the concrete. This includes any
coatings or toppings.
Kool Deck
The pool deck must be etched with muriatic acid and pressure washed. Next, a PTA bonding agent must be applied. During this time, any necessary concrete repairs will be made. This allows the Kool Deck material to bond properly.Keystone Kool Deck will be applied to your prepared concrete and troweled. Our contractors will cover the entire surface with plastic for 2 days. Once the site is cleared up, your new pool deck is ready for use.
Kool Deck Repair

Kool Deck Repair

Providing The best services city wide
Is your existing Kool Deck showing signs of wear? A damaged Kool Deck topping can be repaired with patching. Before beginning repairs, it’s important to know if you actually have a Kool Deck or another product. Every concrete coating is made with different ingredients that affect bonding and how repairs should be done.
We will test the surface of your pool deck to confirm you have Kool Deck and not an imitator or acrylic.
While Kool Deck withstands normal contraction and expansion, it can still develop cracks. Mortex produces patch kits for Kool Deck to restore a seamless surface.
Before repairs can be done, the surface must be cleaned and prepped. The area will also need to be soaked with water for proper bonding. A solution of muriatic acid is applied to the damage and scrubbed thoroughly.
The surface must be kept wet while a PTA bonder is applied. After the bonder has been applied, a Kool Deck patch can be used.
Kool Deck cement mix is blended and applied over the surface while the bonder is still wet. High peaks will be created over the cracks and flattened with a trowel. Our contractors will be sure to remove any oversplash or cement residue that can stain surrounding areas. The patch will need to be covered with plastic for 2 days to cure. Afterward, the patched area can be cleaned and used like normal.
Pros of Kool Deck
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Kool Deck offers many advantages over acrylic and other pool deck coverings. When it’s applied to freshly poured concrete,
Kool Deck will create a surface as strong as the base. It also looks great for years and keeps your feet cool.
Here are some important benefits of Kool Deck:
  • It is as strong as the base concrete when applied to new concrete.
  • It can be applied to existing concrete with surface prep.
  • Kool Deck paint is not hurt by pool chemicals.
  • It can withstand contraction & expansion better than concrete alone.
  • It’s environmentally friendly with natural substances and iron oxide pigment.
  • It’s very affordable. A Kool Deck topping is less expensive than almost all other pool coatings.
  • It creates a textured, colored concrete surface.
  • It lowers the surface temperature of your concrete by 20 degrees. This is greater than any other pool deck coating.
  • A Kool Deck coating is easy to clean. Simply rinse with water or scrub with soap when needed.
  • Kool Deck comes in a many colors. These nature-inspired colors include Adobe Buff, Sedona Tan, Coral Peach, Terra Cotta, & Aqua. All of these colors match well with Southwest-style architecture in Phoenix.
There When You Need Us. We’ll help you with your pool deck renovations
Have questions about Kool Deck? Here are common questions our Phoenix Kool Deck contractors receive from customers.
How Long Does Kool Deck Last?
When left uncoated or unsealed, a concrete pool deck will quickly succumb to the elements. Untreated concrete will crack due to sun, heat, and rain exposure. It will also stain from spilled drinks, suntan oil, food, and pool chemicals. The surface will be very slippery. Water on untreated concrete can also cause mold and mildew.
Keystone Kool Deck doesn’t just protect the integrity of your concrete, it also offers a long lifespan. Kool Deck is well-suited to warm environments like Phoenix and lasts longer here than it would in cold regions. Kool Deck does not last long in areas with freezing temperatures as the water and ice start to lift the coating. As a general rule, Kool Deck withstands 70 freeze-thaw cycles before breaking down. Your new Kool Deck will last for many years while maintaining its cool, anti-slip surface.
What Is an Alternative to Kool Deck?
Kool Deck is a very cost-effective way to get a beautiful pool deck. If your concrete is not new, however, it may not be best.
This is because applying Kool Deck to existing concrete requires stripping existing coatings, acid etching the surface, and applying a bonding agent. Acrylic is the most popular alternative to Kool Deck and it may be called a “cool deck.” This thin coat of acrylic or polymer concrete can be applied to new or old concrete.
It creates a custom-textured look around your pool. It can be designed to resemble brick, flagstone, or Kool Deck. When it’s textured, acrylic cools the surface of the pool deck, but not as much as Kool Deck.
It can also be twice as expensive as Kool Deck paint.
What’s the Difference Between Cool Deck and Kool Deck?
Kool Deck is a premium trademarked product. Cool deck simply refers to a stamped or textured pool deck. In some ways, Kool Deck can be considered the “Kleenex” of pool deck coatings. This product is made with a proprietary blend of iron oxide pigment and natural substances. It’s eco-friendly and can be scrubbed clean easily. Only Keystone makes Kool Deck, which was invented in 1962. Substitutes for Kool Deck may not offer the same strength and durability.
It can be difficult to know if you have a genuine Kool Deck from its appearance. Still, it is important to know what you have before starting repairs or maintenance. This is because every material has a different composition that requires specific care or repair products.
There is one easy way to tell if you have a real Kool Deck. Wet down the surface with a garden hose. You probably have a Kool Deck if the water absorbs right into the surface. If the water runs off, it’s something else.
What Is Kool Deck?
Kool Deck is a concrete topping made by Keystone. This product was invented by a local Arizona company, Mortex, in 1962 and has remained popular for over 50 years. Kool Deck can be used to resurface an existing pool deck. Once applied, Kool Deck creates a textured, colored cement surface. Kool Deck will be as strong as the base concrete. As the name implies, Kool Deck works to lower the surface temperature of your concrete pool deck.
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