It doesn’t matter if you currently own a pool deck you want to renovate or you’re starting entirely from the beginning looking for your first ever pool deck. We are excited to have you here and we look forward to helping you with any pool deck project big or small. Below you’ll find some of our Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. Hopefully, by the end of reading this you’ll have all the knowledge you need to move forward in your pool deck journey. And if you still have some questions or concerns, feel free to call us and our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be eager to assist!


Q: I’m Interested in Building a New Pool Deck. What is the Best Base Material to Use?

A: When it comes to planning a brand new pool deck, this is probably the hardest part of the process. The base material can have an effect on every other part of the journey, so it’s important to think about it carefully. Luckily, there really is no wrong answer. It’s all about what fits your aesthetic, budget, and goals best. These are some of the most popular materials that we feel work for a wide range of Phoenix pool decks.

  • Wood – this is the classic of the choices and generally offers a more rustic feel to a pool deck. It’s also by far one of the most affordable. So if you don’t want to shell out a large sum when you initially build, this may be a good fit for you.
  • Concrete – what’s great about concrete is that there are a variety of methods to add designs, textures, colors and more. So you can have the durability and sturdiness of concrete, while making it match almost any visual aesthetic you can imagine.
  • Exposed Aggregate – many resort pools use exposed aggregate because it is highly slip resistant. So you can mimic the feel of a resort in your own backyard, while also increasing the safety of your pool. We find this a great fit when kids are going to use the pool.
  • Pavers – sometimes pavers are not as popular as other materials because they aren’t as easy to add designs and colors too. But what’s great about pavers is if one is damaged, it can be removed individually and replaced, saving you a pool load of money.

It’s easy to see that every option has a number of benefits. This might make the decision even harder on you, but it should also show you that you can’t go wrong. You can sit down with one of our expert technicians one on one to discuss your initial budget, maintenance plan, and aesthetic desires. And he or she will help you pick the right material for you. And whichever you choose, it’s vital to hire professionals like us to handle installation. A poorly installed pool deck will have a shorter life span and could lead to costly repairs or injury. When you’re ready to install, our customers agree we’re the best pool deck installers Phoenix has to offer!

Q: I Have Been Neglecting My Old Pool Deck and It’s Time For a New One. What Are My Options?

A: We try and try to keep our pool decks looking as beautiful as the first day we got to use them. But, sometimes we fall short. Maybe it was a rough weather season, or it was too cold to swim for some time, or you were occupied by other family matters. If that’s the case and your pool deck falls into disrepair, there’s no need to panic. If our technicians can’t fix it with simple repairs, you have two options to have a pool party worthy pool deck once again.

Restore – this is by far the simplest of your two options. We simply take what was already there and bring it back to its original glory. You had a pool deck you loved and that worked for you, so we use the same materials, treatments, and processes to restore the pool deck to its original condition. Because if you liked it the first time, why do you need to change it?


Refurbish – maybe in the back of your head you’re thinking it’s a sign that the old pool deck didn’t survive that storm last week. Maybe it’s time for something new and exciting, a change of pace per say. You can put your creative thinking hat on and imagine up an entirely new pool deck. Maybe your deck was made of wood before and this time you want to try concrete. Or maybe the old pool deck was stained dark last time and you want to use Sundek to make it pink this time around. Whatever you dream up, we can make it a reality. Our techs make the process fun and stress free on you. We handle all the work from start to finish so you can sit back and daydream of your next cannonball into the water.

You may find that a little bit of both options is the best fit for you. You might want to restore the same old concrete pool deck you had before, but change the color or texture. We can make it happen, so imagine away and then call the best pool deck restoration Phoenix has in town.
Did you find the answers to your questions? If not, call us and one of our friendly, expert staff members will answer any questions you may still have. Whether you’re looking to repair a crack in a pool deck, have a pool deck resurface team come out, or design an entirely brand new pool deck, we have you covered. We have years of experience and have worked on pool deck projects both big and small. Our customers agree we’re the #1 team for pool deck repair, installation, or pool deck resurface Phoenix has and we’re more than happy to let you test out that claim. So call today!