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Pool Deck Resurfacing
When your pool deck starts to show its age, you don’t need to tear it up and replace it. Pool deck resurfacing is a cost-effective way to drastically update your pool deck.
We offer several pool deck resurfacing options that can:
  • Get rid of cracks and chips
  • Cool the surface of your deck
  • Transform a faded, outdated, or ugly pool deck
  • Create a new non-slip surface
  • Make your pool deck look new again
Whether you’re dreaming of a beautiful paver pool deck or you want a budget-friendly, low upkeep surface, we can help. Learn more about the many solutions we offer then give us a call!


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Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

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Did you know there are many ways to update the look of your worn pool deck? Our Phoenix pool deck contractors offer many ways to resurface your pool deck. Each option comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. If you aren’t sure which solution is best, feel free to give us a call! Our contractors will assess your existing pool deck and make recommendations based on your budget and goals.
Acrylic Pool Decks
Acrylic is often mistaken for Kool Deck at first glance. Acrylic is one of the most popular surfaces, especially to resurface a pool deck, for many reasons.
Acrylic coating is affordable, durable, and attractive. You can customize the pattern, texture, and color of an acrylic pool deck.For example, acrylic can be stamped to resemble flagstone, pavers, or brick.
Acrylic can be applied to new or existing concrete in Phoenix as long as it’s in good condition. When you choose textured acrylic, it will help cool the surface of the deck. While acrylic can’t cool your pool deck like Kool Deck, it does make a big difference in the Phoenix sun.
kool Deck
Specialty Concrete Coatings
Our goal is to provide solutions for our customers who may have very specific problems. We have several solutions that can help a homeowner overcome these challenges. For example, we can construct surfaces that will withstand high sunlight and UV exposure. If you tend to see cracking and the same areas, we can address the problem at its root rather than continuing to mask it with more product. If you have water that pools on your pool deck, we can address that issue for better drainage. Also, we can give you a coating that can withstand intense periods of moisture. If there are signs of buckling, it may be a sign of the material expanding and contracting. No matter what kind of challenges you might be faced with, chances are, we have a solution and coating for it.
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Decorative Concrete Overlays
Want a brand-new concrete pool deck? Would you love the look of brick, slate, or paver stones? A concrete overlay can deliver a new pool deck surface that looks better than ever. With an overlay, we do not need to remove and replace your concrete. Instead, we apply an overlay on the existing slab. This overlay can be stamped and stained to change its pattern, color, and texture.
The sky is the limit with decorative concrete overlays. Stamping mats and texture skins are used to create unique texture and pattern. Once stained, a concrete overlay can look just like brick, slate, stone, or even wood.
The condition of your existing pool deck is a big consideration with overlays. You will need a solid concrete foundation for a long-lasting overlay. An overlay will not be a good option if your concrete pool deck has unstable ground or large cracks. If you only have stains and minor cracks, an overlay will still be a good choice.
Concrete Staining
Concrete Staining & Engraving
If your concrete pool deck is in good shape but you want something more than a gray surface, staining can be a great choice. Concrete staining can create beautiful, vibrant colors and different effects like leather or stone. Staining is very different than paint. It infuses the concrete with a luminous tone that can mimic marble, wood, or natural stone. Most stains work by penetrating the surface of the concrete and reacting chemically with calcium hydroxide.
Stains are very effective at transforming worn, dull concrete surfaces. Most stains have great UV stability and wear resistance for long-lasting results.
This effect can be combined with engraving or sawcutting. This involves engraving patterns into your existing concrete. Sawcutting is like a facelift for your concrete and there are many decorative options to choose from. Engraving can achieve a finished product like cobblestone or brick, or anything else you like.
Pavers Over Concrete
Pavers Over Concrete
A poured concrete pool deck can get boring after awhile. When the concrete starts to wear out, you are also left with cracks and a surface that’s not very smooth.
If you want a new, high-end look, one option is pavers. When it comes to installing pavers, there are two primary options. The first is using regular pavers and the other option is a paver overlay. With a regular paver installation, the area is excavated before the pavers are laid. A paver overlay is different. This option applies thin pavers over an existing concrete foundation. If your pool deck is in good condition, pavers can be an option.
Laying pavers on top of your existing pool deck is one of the best ways to improve its appearance. There are some things to consider before choosing this pool deck resurfacing option. To begin with, it’s essential that your concrete deck is in good condition.
This means there should be no large cracks. You will also need enough clearance to add a layer of thin pavers on top of the concrete. Make sure the pavers won’t create a tripping hazard or block doorways.
A paver overlay is applied differently than regular pavers. After the surface is cleaned and prepped carefully, the border pavers will be glued down with a construction adhesive or mortar. A thin layer of sand will be added to improve drainage and the pavers are added over the sand. Once all pavers are in place, polymeric sand is swept into the joints to lock the pavers in place.
There When You Need Us To Help you with Pool Deck Resurfacing
It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options when it comes to pool deck concrete resurfacing. Our pool deck contractors are always here to answer any questions you have and choose the right option for your pool deck. Here are some common questions we hear from customers about concrete pool deck resurfacing.
How Is the Surface Prepared?
Proper surface prep is the single greatest factor in a successful pool deck resurfacing project. Never trust pool deck companies that rush through preparation or tell you a quick rinse is all that’s needed. Before any type of coating or overlay can be applied, your pool deck will need to be repaired. Any cracks should be filled with epoxy to rebond the concrete. Larger cracks may need to be backfilled with sand first. Coatings can fill hairline cracks, but anything larger must be fixed. If your concrete is not repaired first, it will damage the integrity of the coating.
In most cases, draining your pool is not needed. We will cover and mask all surfaces to protect your pool. This will increase labor costs, however.
Can My Pool Deck Be Repaired or Will it Need to Be Resurfaced?
Your pool deck is a major investment, but it will wear out at some point and need repairs, resurfacing, or replacement. Repairing a pool deck usually involves filling cracks and leveling the surface, although more extensive repairs are sometimes necessary. In most cases, if you are repairing your concrete, it will also need to be resurfaced. This is because patches and repairs will be obvious without resurfacing.
There are many options for resurfacing, some of which are very affordable. After repairing your pool deck, you may choose a cost-effective microtopping or coating that adds color and a new non-slip texture. This will also hide the repairs made to your concrete.
How Long Will the Job Take?
The amount of time it takes to resurface your pool deck depends on the option you choose. Still, it likely won’t take as long as you think. A decorative overlay can be installed on your pool deck with very little downtime. In fact, some polymer overlays allow foot traffic after hours. Some factors can increase the time it will take to finish the project. This includes necessary pool deck repairs and decorative finishes.
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You don’t need to live with a dull, ugly pool deck. If your pool deck is showing its age, contact our pool deck resurfacing experts in Phoenix to learn about your options.
Our contractors will assess your existing pool deck & recommend necessary repairs and the best options to achieve the look you want.
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