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Pool Deck Repair
Despite its gorgeous climate and year-round sun, Phoenix has a harsh climate when it comes to concrete and other outdoor materials. The intense heat and sunlight can cause chipping, flaking, and cracks in even the best pool decks after a few years.
Does your once-beautiful pool deck now have cracks or pits? Has it lost its color or texture? We offer cost-effective pool deck repair in Phoenix to address many common pool deck problems. As one of the leading pool deck repair companies in Phoenix, we offer a range of solutions to restore the integrity and appearance of your concrete. You can count on our contractors to offer solutions tailored to your budget and goals.


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Cracked Pool Deck Repair

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All concrete cracks, but some cracks are worse than others. If unsightly cracks are ruining the look of your pool deck, we can help. Most cracks in a pool deck can be repaired with sawcutting and epoxy. Shrinkage cracks that are around 1/16″ wide in size may not even need to be repaired. A coating or overlay generally fills and covers small cracks seamlessly.
The downside to repairing cracks in concrete is the repairs will be obvious unless you resurface your pool.

Concrete Pool Deck Leveling

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Concrete Pool Deck Leveling
Cracks in your concrete are mostly a cosmetic problem, but a pool deck that is lifting in areas poses a serious tripping hazard. A pool deck can be treacherous enough when you consider the curbs, diving board, slippery wet areas, and the water.
If your concrete pool deck has sunken or lifted areas, it’s important to correct the problem right away.
Pool deck settlement usually happens when the backfill material around the pool is not compacted. This material will start to settle on its own over a period of up to 10 years. As it settles, it fails to support the pool deck in sections.
This creates voids under the concrete. Sometimes solid soil can keep the pool deck from dropping. There are a few signs you can watch for that indicate your pool deck is settling:
Tripping hazards
Slabs next to each other can settle at different levels, creating tripping hazards at the joints. With concrete pools, these tripping hazards usually happen between pieces of concrete and at the coping.
Excessive slope
Your pool deck is designed to have a small slope. If you feel like you are walking downhill as you get out of the pool, it’s probably settlement.
Some cracks can be a sign of settlement, not normal shrinkage.
There are many ways to fix a pool deck that is lifting or has sunken slab sections. These options include sand-jacking, mudjacking, replacement of damaged sections, and polyurethane injection systems.
If your pool deck is in good condition with a good surface and few cracks, slab jacking may be a good option This involves injecting a sand grout under the settled concrete to fill the voids and force the concrete back up. Foam jacking is a similar process that uses high density polyurethane foam as a lifting agent.

Preparing Concrete For Resurfacing

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Before applying a new coating or surface treatment to your concrete, we will thoroughly repair and prep the surface. If your deck is damaged, it will need to be shotblasted. Shotblasting is a method that cleans, strips, and profiles the surface of your concrete before an overlay or coating can be applied. If you have a previous layer of coating on your concrete, a more aggressive solution like a scarifier will be used.
A wet saw will then be used to fill large cracks that won’t be covered with the overlay or coating. After saw cutting the cracks, they will be filled with a concrete patch that is sanded level with the surrounding pool deck.
After all patches dry, the entire surface of the pool deck will be pressure washed. This removes any particles and dust left behind and prepares your pool deck for a brand-new surface.
Preparing Concrete For Resurfacing
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The simplest and most cost-effective way to repair worn-out concrete, after prepping the surface, is microtopping. This coating, which is either cement-based or polymer-enhanced, is sprayed onto the surface of your pool deck.
All surfaces will be masked off to keep the microtopping from going outside of the application area. It’s important that microtopping be applied by trained professionals because achieving a uniform appearance is challenging. When done correctly, microtopping adds new texture and color to the surface of your pool deck.
Engraving & Staining
Engraving & Staining
If your concrete is showing its age or it’s lost its non-slip surface, staining and engraving may be a good choice. This resurfacing option can follow repairs of major cracks for a pool deck that looks as good as new.
With a combination of stains and engraving styles, we can make your pool deck look like stone, leather, wood, brick, or marble. We use concrete stains with great wear resistance and UV stability. This means your pool deck will look great for years, even in the intense Phoenix sun.
Concrete Overlays
Concrete Overlays
Another popular solution to repair a worn or cracked pool deck is an overlay. Concrete or polymer overlays can look just like pavers, brick, or stone at a fraction of the cost. This solution also eliminates the need to replace your pool deck as long as it doesn’t have structural problems. We will apply an overlay that can be stained or stamped with any texture, color, and pattern you like.
Decorative concrete overlays offer the greatest amount of choices when it comes to revamping your tired pool deck.
Acrylic Pool Deck Repair
Acrylic Pool Deck Repair
One of the most popular and long-lasting coatings to get rid of hairline cracks is acrylic. This pool coating is affordable, attractive, and long-lasting. An acrylic pool deck looks very similar to a Kool Deck with the ability to choose the color, texture, and pattern. Our pool deck contractors can even make your acrylic pool deck look like brick, flagstone, or pavers. It will also cool the surface of your concrete.
We may recommend acrylic coating if your pool deck is in good shape aside from hairline cracks, peeling, or chipping.
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Have a question about our pool deck repair service? Here are common questions we are asked by customers about repairing their pool deck. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us! We offer free estimates on all projects with friendly contractors available to discuss your pool deck repair project.
Can My Pool Deck Be Repaired?
We will make repairs and extend the life of your pool deck whenever possible to avoid replacement. Most pool decks in Phoenix can be repaired with a combination of crack repair, shotblasting, concrete patches, and resurfacing. In most cases, concrete pool decks only need to be replaced when there are serious structural problems or improper installation.
Do You Offer Free Estimates?
Yes! Contact us today for a free estimate on pool deck concrete repair. Our contractors will survey your pool deck, determine the extent of the damage, and recommend the best solutions. We understand that pool deck repair and replacement can be very expensive. We always strive for the most cost-effective solution that will deliver the best results.
How Long Does it Take to Resurface My Pool Deck?
Repairing a pool deck can take several days, depending on the scope of the project. If you are planning to resurface your deck, which is usually recommended, your concrete must be prepared first. Shotblasting and pressure washing the concrete usually takes at least a day. All large cracks must be sawcut and filled with a concrete patch and allowed to dry overnight. This will add another day to the project. Next, a new surface must be applied. The time this will take depends on the coating or overlay you choose. The more labor-intensive the new surface, the longer your project will take. Staining, stamping, and decorative overlays all add more time than simply applying a micro-topping.
As a general rule, you can expect resurfacing to take at least a few days.
Can the Cracks Be Repaired?
The good news is most cracks can be repaired with professional concrete pool deck repair. Structural cracks are the hardest to repair and may require removing and replacing your pool deck. Small cracks caused by shrinkage and temperature changes are easier to correct. Our pool deck Phoenix contractors will assess the cause of the cracks and recommend a solution. Filling them or applying a new coating or overlay may be all that is necessary for a brand-new surface. The right repair method will depend on the severity of the cracks.